Mandatory Competition Practice dates

There will be 3 extra mandatory competitve dance classes after March Break.

Dates to be announced

Competition Dates For 2018

Be Dance - May 11th to May 13th @ Delta Hotel, Guelph



Competitive Team Information


Welcome to Strictly Rhythm Dance Academy’s (“SRDA's”) competitive (“comp”) team!

Please read the following information. If you have any further questions please email or call the office.

When selecting for comp placements we not only look for ability but also attendance, class behaviour, student confidence and ongoing effort.dancer-3

Group Placement - Competitive group placement will be evaluated based on performance, ability, class attendance and motivation. A dancer’s level might not be the same across all disciplines and as such, they may be placed in different competitive groups within the team. All placement decisions are made by the director and are final.

Dress Code - Dancers are to be dressed appropriately for every class. Black, gray and white are the only acceptable colours. Bodysuits, tank/bra tops and black pants or black dance shorts are the only garments allowed for the competitive team. Students must also wear capri or footless tights and have hair completely secure/off the face for all classes. Note: for all competive ballet classes, students must wear a black bodysuit and pink ballet tights. Hair must be worn in a bun.

Attendance - Full attendance is expected and crucial in order for the team to finish all choreography and polish routines in time for competitions. Dancers are allowed 3 absences throughout the year. Any further absenteeism will result in an ejection from the comp team. Students with injuries or minor illnesses are asked to come and watch their class(es).

Competition Venues – Venues are chosen as early in the dance year asdancer-4 possible. Once dates and locations have been finalized, they will be posted on the webpage.

Extra Practices – Prior to the start of the competitive season all students MUST attend our 4 Saturday rehearsals. The last rehearsal is a dress rehearsal. Dates and times for these rehearsals will be posted. Parents and family members are welcome at these rehearsals.

Parent Fundraising Committee - Fundraising opportunities exist for those competitive families that wish to participate. Past initiatives include: MacMillans, Elmira Chicken and an annual banquet. Please note that all funds raised by your dancer are used exclusively for your dancer's competition entry fees. This committee is run solely by parent volunteers.

Competition Code of Conduct - Dancers must wear a SRDA warm up suit or studio sweater at all competitions in order to represent our team. There are to be no names called from the audience when cheering before/after performances. Please be respectful in this regard. All students must arrive at competition locations one (1) hour ahead of their performance time with hair, make up and costume on. Audience support for all team performances is strongly encouraged.

Solos, Duets and Trios - Dancers may be invited to participate in one or more of these extra dance numbers. These opportunities are not always availabledancer-5 to all dancers. These numbers are offered to students who are keeping up with the choreography in their competitive group(s) and who the director believes is capable of the additional challenge. When creating duet/trio groups, consideration takes place with respect to age, ability, performance likeness, etc.



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