Small StarJAZZ:An energetic and fast paced style of dance, using turns, jumps, spins and kicks. Rhythm and co-ordination are the most important aspects of jazz dance. Flexibility is a sure gain!

Small StarHIP HOP: A very high-energy style of dance. Definitely builds stamina, strength and co-ordination. This dance type is often seen in modern-day music videos and the like.

Small StarTAP: Creates rhythm patterns. These sounds and moves are made by tapping your heels and toes. Dancers first learn to make basic sounds and then we link these moves together to create tap routines.

Small StarBALLET: An elegant style of dance which shows grace and elegance. It builds balance, strength and flexibility through slow movement.

Small StarLYRICAL: A slow moving jazz style of dance demonstrating musicality and poise. Some ballet movement and technique is also evident in this dance type. Beautiful to watch!

Small StarACRO: A jazz style of dance mixed with gymnastic moves, partner work, tumbling and flexibility tricks. Please note: regular attendance is mandatory for this class to run properly. Partner work and tricks need to be rehearsed with full class compliment. All acro classes must participate in two mandatory year-end dance recitals.

Small StarMODERN: Is an interpretive style of dance that focuses on expression and emotion. Ballet and jazz skills are also taught and used.

Small StarCONDITIONING: A mixed class that focuses on technique from many different dance types, flexibility, and strength.

Small StarMUSICAL THEATRE: a form of theatre dance that incorporates dance, dialogue, music, acting and sometimes singing to communicate a story.

Small StarPOINTE: classical ballet technique focusing on foot placement and body aligment while on ballet pointe. Dancers must acheive competancy in fundamental ballet technique before an invitation to join a pointe class will be extended.



All 45-minute classes (ages 6 and up) are priced at a monthly rate of $42.00 (HST included).

All pre-school classes (30 minute classes) are priced at a monthly rate of $40.00 (HST included).

Students or families taking 3 or more classes will receive a special discount. Please inquire when registering.

NOTE: Yearly fees/tuition are divided into 10 monthly payments (September thru June). Post-dated cheques are required and must be dated for the first of each month.

All NSF cheques will be subject to a $10.00 processing fee.


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